miracle bracelets

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These are what I call my miracle bracelets.

I make them to pass out to people as a little

reminder that miracles are everywhere. I love

displaying them on old wood, with a rustic

feeling, hanging them up like ornaments as

reminders, or showing them displayed on the

arm with as many as you can fit.

So you need a miracle, you need to be

uplifted. Well then it’s time you make up your

own miracle bracelet, and make up a bunch

to give to others that may need a miracle

too. I started making these for people who

needed a little miracle in their lives. I love to

make them and pass them on as well. Wear

one, wear a bunch. They are super reminders

that miracles are everywhere we just need

to remember them. Each bracelet is made

with a Milagros charm. Milagros charms are

often made of pot metal in South America

and in Mexico. They are tokens, or reminders

of miracles granted and miracles that are

waiting to manifest. So let’s get to work and

make your miracles a reality.

Tools & Materials

• Adhesive: (E-6000)

• Jump ring: 10 mm

• Leather thong: 1½ mm

• Milagros

• Pliers: plastic coated

• Scissors

• Tubing: sterling silver


Measure your wrist. Cut the thong to the

measurement leaving about ½ inch per

side to be put into the tubing. Put E-6000

at the ends of the cord. Stuff the ends into

the tubing. Clamp down the tubing with

the plastic-coated pliers to clamp down the

leather cord. Attach the Milagros to the

jump ring or wire wrap the Milagros onto the

leather cord using 1½ inch of sterling silver

20-gauge wire. Now put on the bracelet and

expect miracles to happen.

Marie French has a passion for the worn, the tattered,

and vintage Spanish Colonial and Southwestern design.

You can contact her at  or visit her Etsy sites at mariefrench.etsy.com and inspiritu.etsy.com, or view her blog, mariefrench.wordpress.com.


Wants a Miracle

by Marie French


Giving thanks in photos

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Roberto Kusterle-AMAZING

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Le ali dei sogni - 2004

Lezioni di volo - 2005

Alle radici 2006

Inspiring photos

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Some of my favorite photographs by photographer:

Polaroid Fairy Tales…

There is something otherworldly and moody about good polaroid photography. Sarah Moon is truly an “Impressionist photographer” of the highest caliber! Her photos invite us to look within ourselves and discover what she shows us… a phantasmagoric vision of the world that makes me think of fairy tales…! (suggested via Dans le grenier de ma vie…)courtesy of Ullabenulla’s blog.

She is amazing…Just look at these photos….



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The Grasping Mind

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Oh how that brain is always desiring…desiring this, that and the other thing? Now I wonder are desires ideas, or ideas desires. I know they have a connection in some way. Just think about it for a sec. Every time I would like this or that my little idea bulb goes off and conjures up ideas on how to get it, make it, acquire it…I mean it is almost devilish. It is a fiend taking up good brain space on this little desire that started out like a small bird seed that grows into the size of the Michelin man. Go figure-So are ideas desires? Or are desires Idea? what is the connection…because there has got to be one….What do you think?vintage brain picture

Ideas germinating….

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Ideas they seem to drop from the sky…A little twinkle grabs my attention and off I go on this wild gooses chase down the research lane, then on to books, how to’s to learn everything I can. It’s not that I don’t love ideas, I do, but what to do with all of them? I am not sure any one person has enough time to put all these ideas into practice, and how to pick the good from the bad???

vintage image

South African artists collages…

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Here are some wonderful collages from a SOuth African artist found on Art Propelled.

Here are the collages. Just wonderful.

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