Desert Rat Wisdom

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know sometimes we forget this wisdom that certain areas give us…so I would like to share some of the desert wisdom passed on to me.

Solar is a great energy source in the desert really anywhere!

Water catchment is a must everywhere all over the world!

Cats repel rattlesnakes-especially cats raised on roadkill rattlesnakes, left a bit hungry.

bring your small animals inside at night because they make tasty appetizers for mountain lions, coyotes, and owls…

to build a composting toilet just get a five gallon bucket, fill it with peat moss, go …whatever and cover with peat moss, the compost it for non edible gardens…And it is really good for camping. Here in our home we have what is called a hoot system that is like a septic system with toilet and everything but there are live bacteria in the septic system breaking down the waste that them gets transformed into grey water. Pretty cool.

Your septic is bound to go out so pee but no tissue in the toilet…please do flush your number two tissue….

use your plastic bags for insulation..

creosote bush is a great antioxidant…

remove your shoes before entering or your will constantly leave a dust trail.

you will have allergies your first year here-do to the dust….

water is precious need I say more…

Houses take forever and cost a ton to build-that’s why you see so many trailers….Also make sure you know who and what your contractor is really like there are an awful lot of con men around these parts.  SO do a background check if you can on your contractor and talk to the locals before you hire him/or her.

start your garden in the late fall-October/November….

and other than that….I don’t know but I’ll keep you informed as I learn more….xoxo marie


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