Desert Rat Wisdom

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

just gotta share what I’m learning….

use meat tenderizer on spider and scorpion bites, also on centipede and cone nose bites

lavender is a good deterrent-spray copiously…

cats allowed indoors and outdoors deters snakes.

Blind prickly pear cactus is a real party crasher, each little dot that looks well just like a little dot, contains over 200 small hairlike thorns, and the only way to get rid of them is by duct tape.

wolf berry is edible and makes a great jam

cat claw acacia will really wrap its arms around you and become a very bloody date…so watch out for it.

watch for coral snakes in spring seeps, creeks and along the Rio Grande…

to get rid of ants pour boiling water down the ant hole…a less offensive rid aide is to spray vinegar any where you see them-they went away for me.

flea collars on the animals keeps the cone nose away-remember spray lavender on your sheets, sweep under beds, check under covers…especially after a rain or during spring…these nasty creatures leave a huge welt and itch like crazy-try tea tree as well…on the itch that is…and kill them. their lethal cousins in S. America literally slowly degenerate your heart….

cats assimilate in 2/3 weeks as indoor outdoor cats…

always wear a hat, long pants, long sleeve shirt-white preferably light colors to reflect the sun…

drink lots of water

use chilie peppers instead of pepper-they are healthier too.

shake out shoes and clothes laying on the floor you don’t want any uninvited guests…..

wasps-don’t aggravate-just point your finger at them and they will leave.

run from bee swarms-FAST

snakes back away-usually find them along fence lines, grass rocks, porches, flashing’s, they like to follow steps and lie next to them…look where you walk!, and never put your hands or feet where you can’t see.

wear flip flops or the like around the house so you don’t step on scorpions, and other little critters.-I did and it hurt!

centipede sting-these monsters wrap their bodies around you and sting not only once but with all their legs…hurts like stepping on hot coals…use black pepper and meat tenderizer….and on that note…..Please feel free to email me with any more desert wisdom you might like to share…..marie


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