Wonderful things are Happening

December 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

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sometimes don’t you just feel like a presence is watching over you? I do and I can’t explain why..but I just do. It seems to come when I am still or I ask a question I can hear an answer within. It is that quite space or when my mind is quiet and maybe I am walking, or making art that I hear the still small voice the most. When do you hear wisdom? How do you hear wisdom. I would really like to know.


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  • Lee says:

    Hello Marie..

    Yes, many times in my life, I have felt and known that I am being watched over. For example, one thing that has happened a few times is when my car broke down. I remember once I bought a van from my boss and as part of my job was traveling all over the western US. My ex-wife and I were driving to Billings, Montana from Buffalo, Wyoming (distance: 165 miles) when suddenly, one of the dashboard lights came on. After stopping and opening the hood of the car, nothing seemed to be wrong – at least as far as what I could see. So we continued driving.

    Once we got into Billings and were about a block away from our hotel, all of a sudden, we heard a loud bang from under the vehicle and I saw some pieces of car parts tumbling all over the street. The vehicle rolled to a stop right into the parking lot of the hotel. Apparently, the alternator seized up, pulling the belt tight which in turn broke the pulley wheel into little pieces.

    We called a tow truck and had the vehicle taken to a mechanic who sat there shaking his head. He said he could not understand how we were able to drive the vehicle 165 miles with this problem. We were definitely being watched over!

    There was another incident where I was driving to Seattle from Montana to catch a plane to Hawaii for a job I had lined up. Since I was going to be in Hawaii for at least 6 months, I had nowhere to store the vehicle so I called a friend who lived near Seattle and asked if she knew anyone who wanted my van for free. She made a few phone calls and said that there was a couple who would take my van. So I drove to Seattle with my two big dogs (I took them with me everywhere!) and checked into the hotel.

    Once I was checked in, I called my friend who informed me that the couple had changed their mind and no longer needed the van. For a moment, I was a bit panicked because I had to be up in 8 hours to catch a shuttle to the airport with my dogs, and I knew no one else in Seattle who could help me. I tried giving away the vehicle to people around the hotel but no one seemed interested. (It was a really nice Ford Aerostar van in very good condition!)

    After trying to give away the van and not wanting to abandon it, I became quiet and started praying, asking what I should do. The first thought that came to me was to take the dogs for a walk.. so I did, and they seemed pretty happy checking out the sights and sounds of the big city..

    Then it’s as if I was being directed to go back to my van, get into it and start driving. I had no idea where I was going and time was ticking away but I obeyed the voice of wisdom. I started driving up the street from my hotel. It was dark out and there seemed to be nothing open except a couple of gas stations.

    I came up to a traffic light which turned red. As I waited for the green light, I looked to my left and saw a small used car lot, and a man was walking towards the tiny office. I felt compelled to drive to the small lot (even though it looked closed) and talk to the man.

    To make a long story short, I explained my predicament to the man who happened to be the owner of the lot. He told me that he had never done anything like this before so he called a friend who was also a car dealer who told him what steps to take to acquire the van. Once the paperwork was signed, he drove me and my dogs back to the hotel where we were able to get some sleep before catching the plane in the morning…

    Even though it seemed like the entire experience took hours, from the time I became quiet and asked what I should do until the time my dogs and I were dropped off at the hotel was just over an hour!

    So in answer to your questions, “When do you hear wisdom? How do you hear wisdom?”, I guess it happens as you said in your post – “It seems to come when I am still or I ask a question I can hear an answer within.”

    Everything we need to know is always within us – no matter what the situation seems to be. We are the product of the “One Mind” of the universe and whatever that Mind knows, we know. There is nothing impossible to us because the Mind that created us and the universe also governs us through His/Her/Its Laws which are constantly in operation, like mathematics – always there when you need it…

    I am sorry for writing such a long post but your wonderful post gave me alot to think about and brought back some very good memories…

    Wish you all the best and many blessings…

  • marie french says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my wisdom post. You know at times wisdom is hard to hear for all the clutter in our minds, and your comment today brought me back to where I know is the one place I can find answers and comfort. You are a blessing. Your comment was so beautifully written and brought such comfort to me, THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing, and taking the time to pass on your kind words. I am sure you inspire many in your life….you have inspired me today to be still and listen again to wisdom. Thank you! Thank you for your blessing today. Marie

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