New Years St Barths’s Vanilla RUM

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love Vanilla rum specially from St Barth’s. Now I don’t get to visit that often so to keep my fires burning for St Bart’s, and my memories in tact well I learned how to make up some of that fabulous rum.. You can add many things to rum but I love the vanilla rum and because I am close to Mexico and I can get great vanilla beans.

Here goes.

I use about 6 large plump vanilla beans and slice them down the side.

1 bottle of dark oak aged rum

1/2 cup sugar-vanilla sugar is also good, and water enough to make a simple sugar syrup-you be the judge. I do this by sight and consistency.

melt the sugar syrup, let stand.

separate the rum into two containers

add vanilla beans sort of squashing out the insides into the rum as you go. add the sugar syrup to the containers and let sit. Okay you may have to wait six months before you want to sip or you can wait a month but the longer you let it sit the better it is. I have some old aged bottles and they are quite tasty….quite!  Also it is a good idea to use cheese cloth at the end of the sitting period to catch the vanilla bits and pieces and strain into  another container for your sipping pleasure.


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