Creative Thinking

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Creative Thinking Exercises……Today is use it or loose it! Your intuition that is…

Todays creative thinking exercise is about using our intuition regarding evaulating ideas. It’s the old flip the coin trick…try it out..the next time you need a simple yes or no answer, flip a coin. Heads is yes, Tails is well you guesssed it …no. If you feel comfortable with the result.Well you guessed it again ….run with it. If not go with the opposite answer. However the coin falls your intuition makes the final decision.

An interesting aside. Charles Merrill, of Merrill Lynch, once said that when he makes decisions fast he’s right 60% of the time. If he takes time and really analyzes the situation he may be 70% right. He’s also found that the extra 10% is seldom worth his time….I tend to agree….Intuition rocks…use it or loose it…so flip your coin today. Let me know what happens…


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