creative thinking idea-ELIMINATE

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh boy oh boy..I know. Eliminate after I have spent all this money gathering? Just pick an area…just one.  Look at it  and ask youself..Can I simplify this area? What in this area do I most love? Pack up what you don’t for later..say six months.Then if you haven’t missed it give  to someone who may really love it.Pay it forward..but please don’t wrap it up as a gift for someone who gave it to you as a gift already.-It has happened to me.

Now lets say you are doing a piece of art work…Can you stream line it? Minimize it? Condense it?  Is it multifunctional? That is one of my favorites. I love a piece to serve at least two functions. My jewelry for instance has to have a spiritual component, a design component, and a story component.

So as with your House, your piles, and your art try to eliminate the extra details…Something to think about any way.


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