Creative Co-horts…..

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I would like to introduce a very special person..Sandy Smith.  She is a local Terlingua Texas resident who exudes the creative spirit that this blog is about.  She has taken a space and filled it with unusual West Texas finds, and she is a fabulous leatherworker…Just take a peek and I think you will agree…

Here are a few questions I asked Sandy and these are her replies…Enjoy…WHat is your creative pursuit??

Do you have a favorite quote? A few, but can’t think of even one at the moment.

What is your guilty pleasure? CHOCOLATE!

What do you listen to when you create? All kinds of music

Do you play an instrument and if you don’t what would you like to play? No, fiddle or stand up bass

Who is your favorite artist or artists? Changes according to my mood.

When is your favorite time of day? Daybreak

Why do you make art? It makes me happy!

What is on your workspace right now (physical objects)? All kinds of little trinkets that I have collected arranged on a shelf area so I see them all every time I look up from my work.

What is your favorite movie? Notebook, Excalibur, The Dirty Dozen

What inspired you to make art? Not sure

What’s your best piece of advice for artists? Let projects unfold the way they want to.

What is your least favorite technique that you still use anyway? Hand lacing leather

How do you recharge your artistic batteries? I change mediums, When I feel like I can’t lace another piece of leather, I change to mosaics or sewing. Projects should be fun.

Is there any advice you would like to share that was helpful to you in making art and creating? Don’t get discouraged. I often have an idea in my head and the end product is completely different. I try to just go with it.


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