A Note from a friend who made one of the pieces from my book Inpsiritu-available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, Front Street books,and Paisano Art Gallery.

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I made and am wearing my very first milagro bracelet with the stash of vintage milagros that I had for years.  I listed a like one on Etsy and mentioned you and your book.  If you don’t want that, let me know…Or, if you don’t want me to list it I will remove it.

HOWEVER, I was wearing mine yesterday for my daughter in Seattle who called me in tears.  She was holding a fashion show for her non-profit which benefits Peruvian orphans (she adopted one)….tickets sales were so slow she was sure the fashion show would run at a loss, which would be less for the orphanage.  I told her she would get a miracle, but did not tell her about the bracelet.  So this morning she called, and MANY people were at the show, in face ALL of the tickets were sold and there was standing room only!  Then I told her about the bracelet!!  She did indeed get the miracle I was praying for.  Last night before I knew all this, I was sad thinking my bracelet and its prayerful intentions weren’t working….I should not have doubted.


Drought is in the west…

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DroughtI was forwarded this today from a fellow nature lover and it is quite scary to look at how much of the US is in Drought. When you look at the map of all of the areas in Drought and you consider the oil companies and their waste of water due to Fracking…It is quite scary. How can they waste 13 million gallons of water to dig a well. One well. WHy??? How can we stop this???What can we do? I am praying for answers, and I put it out to all of us to try to come up with a better way? What do you think.

Hot off the press……..ART SAVES!!!!

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Saves Book Promo
inspiration and prompts sharing the power of art by Kelly Rae Roberts, Lynn
Whipple, Susannah Conway, Robert Dancik, Karen Michel, Rebecca Sower, Michael
deMeng, Sarah Hodsdon, Suzi Blu,…
Added on 6/10/11
Thank you. We did it.Art Saves, the book, is here and will
be hitting bookstands July 4th. I’d like to share with you a link to a short
promo video here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySDywTnt96YIf you find
it to be inspiring, I hope you will share it with others and direct them

the bottom of my heart, I thank you for supporting this project. It is my honor
to have you associated with this book. Jenny Doh

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