Dried flower screens

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Thank You Deb!!!! Thank you Milwaukee Public Library

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Inspiritu Jewelry by Marie French


Author, Marie French researched an historic person, a healing woman (curandera) named Milagro who lived in West Texas in the 1930s in a cabin in a place called Wild Horse. Milagro was known for using jewelry in her healing practice. French shares the prescriptions, recipes and philosophy of Milagro in Inspiritu Jewelry: Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

French’s book is accessible, and few tools are needed for crafting the jewelry. Each creation is designed specifically for the wearer as a healing amulet. French encourages the inclusion of humble materials – old auto parts, rusty nails, patina tins, bone beads and a wide array of found items, charms or materials that the wearer cherishes. She emphasizes the earthy, the worn, the re-cycled. “Rusty tin cans make excellent enclosures for shrines, reliquaries and nichos.” Persons interested in crafts, jewelry making, natural healing, aroma therapy, teas and infusions, folklore and folkart will enjoy Inspiritu Jewelry.

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Some modern wire work I did this weekend….

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I just had to get my hands on metal this weekend…………………………………………..

and start some organic shapes with wire.  Here they are…..Try your hand in some wire work today. Take any kind of wire and just play with shapes..try copper electricians wire from hardware stores, or steel, or any kind of wire for that matter…just have some fun. The stones in the wire work I found locally, crystalized something??? have fun.What could you put in your wire??

Some Halloweeny type shots for you..

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antique day of the dead costume

The Book-Book Signing party and workshop at Front Street Books and Kiowa during Art Walk Novemenber 19th 2011

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Inspiritu JewleryPublisher: North Light Books Published: April 7, 2011 Product Description Create beautiful jewelry for better wellbeing Discover the power of creating unique pieces of adornment with the intention to heal. Inside Inspiritu you will turn pages borrowed from a dusty “prescriptions book” revealing restorative secrets of a legendary curandera – a woman healer – and will become inspired to create your own unique jewelry pieces to share with others. From creating your own clasps and jump rings to incorporating keepsakes with new elements there is much to discover here. You’ll also: • Master a variety of metalworking jewelry techniques such as forging, stamping, sawing, wirework and more. • Learn the qualities instilled in specific colors and gemstones to truly target the needs of those you create jewelry for. • See how easy it is to turn new objects into ones that appear aged and where to go to find vintage treasures to use in your works. • Combine vintage elements with new materials to create striking pieces with both form and function. • Pamper yourself or others using the plentiful suggestions for restorative teas and other healing treatments. Whether you enjoy making earrings, bracelets or necklaces, start creating beautiful jewelry for the betterment of your mind, body and soul. Look. Make. Meet. About the Author Marie French began making healing and spiritual art when her daughter was born three months prematurely and each piece she made was a sort of prayer. She began making similar pieces for others and eventually began selling her work. Before long she was giving workshops in stores, schools and libraries as well as art council workshops. Her exhibit ?Prayers for Peace? was given a favorable review by the New York Times. Marie has been published in Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, Haute Handbags, Altered Couture and she has also done styling work for Folio magazine.

Read this book! Replenishing the Earth, Wangari Maathai

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I am reading a wonderful book about the Green movement in Africa started by a woman WanGari Maathai…What an inspiration, what an inspiring book.  I think this is something we can all do….Check it our for yourself…..XOXOMarie

Why I wrote Inspiritu; Jewelry for the Mind Body and Soul

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I wrote Inspiritu Jewelry because I wanted to share a way to create that was meaningful, that had many layers, that gave the maker and the made empowerment, enrichment and healing.  Each project was a way to share a deeper meaning in craft, in making,

Insiritu Jewelry

in creating.  I used old pieces, and found objects because in a culture that seems obsessed with tossing things, and buying new, and overspending in general, I thought it would be good to show how we can use the things we have whether they are ordinary like a piece of old tin, to extraordinary like the old bookplate on the cover.  I know some of you have asked where to get that, but the purpose of the book wasn’t to just make the same pieces-(If I could find the book plate again I would let you know) but to inspire your creative heart to find new ways to make something similar.  I had someone send me a picture of a bookplate they made that was absolutely fabulous, and I would love to share it with everyone, I will ask her.  But really every project is a way to explore what we already have, what we are about to toss, and what is mundane that maybe we can create something new and different that has meaning in that moment so that we create exquisite beauty for something we might have tossed. Now we have not only created a beautiful piece of empowering jewelry but we have saved our earth, we have passed down beauty to someone else, and we have used our minds to create from that which we already have.  That is why I created Insiritu Jewelry.  May it bring you as many blessing as it did me in writing it for you. Thanks for buying the book. Thanks for all of the emails. Thanks for sharing your work with me, and especially thanks for sharing your stories. If you would like to post your stories here just comment and let me know you would like to and I will post them. If you have visited my etsy store let me know you want them posted and I I will post your stories here as well. Thank you!!


books available Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Joannes fabrics, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby.

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