Why I wrote Inspiritu; Jewelry for the Mind Body and Soul

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I wrote Inspiritu Jewelry because I wanted to share a way to create that was meaningful, that had many layers, that gave the maker and the made empowerment, enrichment and healing.  Each project was a way to share a deeper meaning in craft, in making,

Insiritu Jewelry

in creating.  I used old pieces, and found objects because in a culture that seems obsessed with tossing things, and buying new, and overspending in general, I thought it would be good to show how we can use the things we have whether they are ordinary like a piece of old tin, to extraordinary like the old bookplate on the cover.  I know some of you have asked where to get that, but the purpose of the book wasn’t to just make the same pieces-(If I could find the book plate again I would let you know) but to inspire your creative heart to find new ways to make something similar.  I had someone send me a picture of a bookplate they made that was absolutely fabulous, and I would love to share it with everyone, I will ask her.  But really every project is a way to explore what we already have, what we are about to toss, and what is mundane that maybe we can create something new and different that has meaning in that moment so that we create exquisite beauty for something we might have tossed. Now we have not only created a beautiful piece of empowering jewelry but we have saved our earth, we have passed down beauty to someone else, and we have used our minds to create from that which we already have.  That is why I created Insiritu Jewelry.  May it bring you as many blessing as it did me in writing it for you. Thanks for buying the book. Thanks for all of the emails. Thanks for sharing your work with me, and especially thanks for sharing your stories. If you would like to post your stories here just comment and let me know you would like to and I will post them. If you have visited my etsy store let me know you want them posted and I I will post your stories here as well. Thank you!!


books available Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Joannes fabrics, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby.


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