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Art Saves the Book by Jenny DohA great gift for Christmas, the Holidays, or just for yourself!

An artists home… personal touches of decorative finishes..

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Take a look with me of some of the extraordinary decorative finishes in this artists home…

About the book-Inspiritu Jewlery: Jewelry for the mind body and soul

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Product Description

Discover the healing power of jewelry.
Inspiritu Jewelry is a book full of inspiration and techniques for creating rich
and romantic-looking jewelry with a new dimension – that of using adornment to
enrich the spirit and offer a sense of wellbeing. This book guides you through
25 jewelry “prescriptions.” Entries from an old “Prescriptions” book, belonging
to a healer by the name of Milagros tie all of these projects together. The year
is 1924 and you are introduced to healing methods Milagros used to treat the
afflictions and heartaches of those in her small town. In addition to each
project guiding you through a variety of jewelry-making techniques, each piece
suggests a particular benefit to the wearer from learning patience to gaining
protection on a journey and from offering forgiveness to remembering a loved
one. You are also encouraged along the way to create jewelry pieces of your own
for whatever purpose your desire.

About the Author

Marie French began making healing and
spiritual art when her daughter was born three months prematurely and each piece
she made was a sort of prayer. She began making similar pieces for others and
eventually began selling her work. Before long she was giving workshops in
stores, schools and libraries as well as art council workshops. Her exhibit
“Prayers for Peace” was given a favorable review by the New York Times. Marie
has been published in Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, Haute Handbags, Altered
Couture and she has also done styling work for Folio magazine.

another fabulous artists home I was able to tour while in North Carolina..

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So take a look, feast your eyes on this artists clever use of paint, layout, styling, and overall sense of taste.  I found this house to be tantalizing, and each and every corner had another spot to look at.  So feast, enjoy and find your inspriation I sure found mine…

Artistic touches….

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Come with me as we peek around some corners, and   get a walk around this artistic residence.   Come lets go see…

SWANK-a Southern Pines, North Carolina Jewel of a store!!

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I just visited SOuthern Pines to visit with Hirease a premier Background Screening Company that cares about their clients!! WHile there the owners Paul and Heidi Dent showed me around Southern Pines…Here are some photos of this gem of a creative store…Each piece is handmade by local artisans.  Just check out these photos…

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