Quotes and saying from my travels in Washington DC

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I love collecting quotes and sayings, witticisms, and wisdom…Here are a few I gleaned from the museums in Washington DC.


Talk about a comfy hotel room…yum

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This is the room we stayed in a the Marriott in Washington DC.  It was only 139 a night from price club…great deal..I love the comforters, and pillow cases, and the photos were inspiring. Did you know Marriott sells their bedding. I am pretty sure I am on my way to buying some or at least putting them on my Christmas ..

wishlist next year….

Work from the book Inspiritu on mariefrench.etsy.com

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I am loading on work to my etsy site mariefrench.etsy.com for the book Inspiritu; Jewelry for the mind-body and soul…I just got the pieces back from the publisher, so I thought I would share them.Thank you  to everyone who has bought the book! Thank you!

Washinton DC-Portraits

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I am enamored with portraits these days….I just love the thought of a likeness preserved from years, and centuries…

Washinton DC- folk art

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Folk art to me has such heart and soul.  It always seems to bring a smile to your face our it gets you thinking.  A must see is the folk art muesum…It is just wonderful.

Washington DC-Art

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I just wanted to share some of the inspiring and glorious art from Washington.  Talk about inspiration.

Wahsington DC architectural details-What inspries you?

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