New work commission

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I worked in the studio yesterday getting some more retablos ready and some retablo trays –which I share here. I just love the way they turned out.


Art Saves, Jenny Dohs wonderfully inspriational book

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Jenny Doh has put together a wonderful book called Art Saves in which various artists share some wonderfully healing art instructions. I was blessed to be part of the group.  There are tremendous projects to do and loads of fun, just like being at a giant workshop with tons of artists.

Available at fine bookstores everywhere….

Retablos being readied for a show…

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There is something so special about painting retablos.  There is sort of what is it….like a connection or a feeling of being connected to all that is good.  I always feel so positive after I paint these little jewels, and I hope they bring that same positive feeling to the kind souls that buy them.  I paint these all of the time as they just feel so good to paint. A show is going up with them next week and I am also filling in a lot that have already sold so it will be loads of fun to see them all are sort of getting a sneak peek. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

Happy Valentines Day

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Here are some hand painted cards I made for friends and family…hope you like the


The Washington Monument

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Dreams for the future…

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an another...have fun dreaming

another page in my dream journal

I find myself painting again as that always seems to call to me during times of change, and I also got a post from Claudia asking me about dream books.  So here goes. Just buy yourself a black and white composition book form the drugstore or grocery store they are around 2.99.  Cover the cover with pictures, drawings, painting marks, and magazine articles , cover the back as well. IF they are dream goals write the year on the spine or front cover and incorporate  it in your cover.  Now you are ready to begin.  I like to date and list my dreams on the front page,as dreams change and this also gives me a table of contents as such.

Now on each spread draw, paint, or collage a dreams or gaol at a time.  Paint every emotion about it, draw how you would feel if the dream materialized, make it your dream secret spot. Add in pictures, writing, doodles anything that evokes the feeling of the dream being realized. Have fun. This is your secret stash of dreams to come true so give it all you got…Have fun and let me know as your dreams come true, because if you can see will become

a page in one of my dream journals

real…Have fun.

Washington DC….

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