Combining…A new creative thinking exercise for the weekend…

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Combining is a bit like playing with Mr Potato head-you combine different facial features and add them to a plastic potato. You combine different foods to make a beautiful meal.  But what I want you to try is mixing things up a bit.  Try combining unusual things together and see what you get. Like mixing natural perfumes to get a beautiful smell out of odd combinations.  Who knows the world is your oyster. Tell me what you cam up with..


Paul Smith is coming out with a new book….Paul Smith A to Z

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I just love Paul Smith. His twisted and humorous takes on the classics…So when I heard he was coming out with a second book due out in the states in June I hoped on it. Available on Amazon is where I found it.

A have to see video-Corning Glass

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The video a day in glass….talk aboout a cool future….I mean amazing…Loved this video

A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning.

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it. Learn more about Corning at Search for career opportunities at…
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Creative thinking game….

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Okay lets play the game of Combining..

This is how you play.

FIrst pick an item…any old item.

Okay I picked a spoon….Now if We could combine it what would we combine it with? Okay you got 1 minute….

A bowl, a tray, a saucer, a cup, a fork, spagetti……Come n keep going you have one minture…come up with all the things you can combine it with in one minute….how can you multiply the purpose of the spoon? I know you can do it…Your goal is to come up with as many things as you can possibly combine a  spoon with….come on you can do it.

Okay what did you get?

if you scored over 6 items good, over 10 better….over 20 you are something!! Great work.

What inspires You?

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The sunset…a sunrise…

Birds of a feather…



books…What is it that lights your fire?

Won’t you share????

Off the Grid Living-Sharing my experiences-creating an off grid paradise.

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I just wanted to share with you some of my experiences as a family living off grid in the wilds of West Texas.  I guess I feel like reminiscing as we are planning on moving to the great state of Maine.  My husband is going to pursue his dream of Medicine, and I the creative endeavors that so stoke my heart and soul.  SO…. with this move in mind and my constant days of elimination, and discernment of what we may want to pack up and what not to pack….well I just wanted to share our experience with you so that you know you can live easily, comfortably, and as modern as you like off grid. WE did and so can you.

As we are packing to go I figured I would share with you are sales letters that show what the house is like finished. Next, I will  go backward in time from choosing the site on through the build, and life on the range as they say.  I will share with you my creative direction in the process-, and my husbands meticulous attention to detail-I swear he must have been an architect or engineer in a past life as he can figure out any system, and spatially he is fantastic.

Off Grid house to call home

When John and Marie met they shared similar goals of living off grid in the mountains amongst nature and all of her glory. It was in Terlingua, Texas that their dream was realized, and the family John Marie and their two girls moved to far west Texas. Amongst the Christmas mountains nestled against the red iron oxide rocks they found a small home that John painstakingly renovated, and added on to create a totally off grid Sante fe style home.  It is made with rastra block construction, and the studio and detached car port are made with papercrete. The insulation capabilities of these green materials is amazing.  The buildings are a sand color stucco and blend into the mountain scenery.  There is a 7KW PV producing 35KW a day solar system that powers every imaginable electric unit including AC. The solar system sits above the car port with the extensive battery power concealed in a small area building with in the car port. The batteries can support a much bigger system than it currently supports as John felt it would be great to be able to add-on wind or more solar power if we wanted.  John being a stickler for detail and a perfectionist at heart keeps the systems and designed the systems to perfection.

People move to the desert for the weather, but you soon realize you are in fact in the desert and one of the biggest worries in the desert is water.  John took care of that measure as well. Two wells are on the property that produce all of the water anyone in the desert could need, with a water filter, and tankless hot water heater.  There is also 18,000 gallons of water storage that can in itself be used for drinking and bathing as well as watering plants, your own food garden and any animals you choose to have on the property. Speaking of animals frequent visitors include; mule tail deer, road runners, quail, warblers, hummingbirds, cardinals, and many other birds far too many to mention them all, honey bees, javelinas on occasion. Another beauty of the property is the fact that it has an aerobic septic system, called a hoot system that turns black water to grey water. So nothing is wasted on this property.

This property is so well thought out. John designed and made sure every plug had a reason and every pipe was well covered. No worries of your pipes freezing or you water being lost. Every detail of this house was painstakingly designed and constructed with John’s hand into every system. His attention to detail shines through in this house and every system is spotlessly clean and organized.

The main house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a main community room, loads of bookshelves, and a kitchen dining area. This house gives you the feeling of family and comfort.  Each room is so well thought out.  There is plenty of closet space, the bathrooms are spacious, slate floors throughout the house for easy cleaning. Stucco walls, open windows, and french doors, high ceilings, and custom furniture that can be sold with the house, a full pantry, and a full length basement.  Every part of this house has a purpose and can be used in so many different ways

The wrap around porches on the artist studio/guest house, and main house is the ideal place to grab a cup of coffee and look out over the scenic vistas.

There is an unattached art studio/guest house which has heat, and water hook up, and the office is the building next to the main house.  There are saltillo tiles throughout the studio and office, double doors, and plenty of light.  The total square footage of the property is about 1600 sq ft.  not including the 2 car covered car port, which can be converted into another stand alone space.  The perfect spot for a writers retreat, artist retreat, hunting retreat, second home, vacation home,retirement home, or family compound. Perfect for horseback riding, off-road bike riding, hiking and rock climbing, hunting is close by in the Christmas mountains and just about every kind of outdoor activity imaginable.  Close by you can go river rafting, and hike the Big Bend National Park.  Collect fossils, and learn about the Pictographs, and Native Americans camp sites.  The state park is just down the road for more hiking and adventures. The sheer beauty of the area will astound you.

This house is appraised at 25% more than the asking price so it is a real bargain for that special person who cares about the environment, and where they live,  the natural beauty, and want to have a special place to call home. For more information email,,

PS. Furniture and some accessories will be included with the house…. so it is move in ready. No fuss, No work…just desert living at it’s best.

Just added to Lace panels on Sale

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Come see for yourself french lace panels added to for the huge studio sale…come see…here is a preview..

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