Artistic touches….

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Come with me as we peek around some corners, and   get a walk around this artistic residence.   Come lets go see…


Story pictures..

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I love looking at pictures as thinking of stories to go with them…Why don’t you try your hand…Find a picture or use one of these and go see if your can’t conjure up a story of your own..Can’t wait to hear what you come up with….

Just thinking on where to go from here….

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It is funny how life delivers you segments of life.  For instance from age 20-35 I worked in the fashion industry and as a designer, model, and in sales.  Then I made a change dabbling in different industries in sales, marketing and really just about any job I thought sounded interesting to see if I would like to make a career out of it, and along the way I had my next career which was being a mom.  That career has been so satisfying and I have loved every moment of it.  While being a mom I still dabbled trying to make money here and there.  I was lucky to have been able to be an art teacher,a sub, wrote a book, and taught workshops, gave outdoor jeep tours, worked at an outdoor store, and checked backgrounds of employees….

But now a new chapter is unfolding..I can feel it in my bones.  I am trying out new hats as they say trying to see where this next chapter will lead…but with no paths have seemed to open up. DO I just wait and see what unfolds or do I actively pursue avenues?  I know I will still be a mom first but the kids seem to need me less and I feel a pull to add-on more responsibilities.  But which and what avenue?

Has anyone ever felt these pulls? Has anyone ever felt their life was changing mid-course yet again without a compass or a map?

Creative Co-horts…..

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I would like to introduce a very special person..Sandy Smith.  She is a local Terlingua Texas resident who exudes the creative spirit that this blog is about.  She has taken a space and filled it with unusual West Texas finds, and she is a fabulous leatherworker…Just take a peek and I think you will agree…

Here are a few questions I asked Sandy and these are her replies…Enjoy…WHat is your creative pursuit??

Do you have a favorite quote? A few, but can’t think of even one at the moment.

What is your guilty pleasure? CHOCOLATE!

What do you listen to when you create? All kinds of music

Do you play an instrument and if you don’t what would you like to play? No, fiddle or stand up bass

Who is your favorite artist or artists? Changes according to my mood.

When is your favorite time of day? Daybreak

Why do you make art? It makes me happy!

What is on your workspace right now (physical objects)? All kinds of little trinkets that I have collected arranged on a shelf area so I see them all every time I look up from my work.

What is your favorite movie? Notebook, Excalibur, The Dirty Dozen

What inspired you to make art? Not sure

What’s your best piece of advice for artists? Let projects unfold the way they want to.

What is your least favorite technique that you still use anyway? Hand lacing leather

How do you recharge your artistic batteries? I change mediums, When I feel like I can’t lace another piece of leather, I change to mosaics or sewing. Projects should be fun.

Is there any advice you would like to share that was helpful to you in making art and creating? Don’t get discouraged. I often have an idea in my head and the end product is completely different. I try to just go with it.

Fear and Worry

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Today my little girl came to tears in front of me this morning afraid to go to school today.  She got embarrassed Friday at school and was afraid that they would pick on her today.  The first thing I did was wrap her with my arms and I concentrated on sending her thoughts of peace.

I tried to calm her fears by telling her that more than likely they would already have forgotten about it. Secondly to remember that those making fun will soon be the ones made fun of as it is a natural law that which you do comes back to you, and thirdly, your best defense is to walk away, and if they persist to go get the teacher.  I told her not to let fear intrude on her thoughts and to stand tall for she is a beautiful girl and she is always protected by her angels.  Those good thoughts that we keep inside will always be there for us no matter where we are or what state of mind we are in. I also gave her an envelope with 1 dollar in it and I told her to be a secret agent and deliver it to someone, anyone without them knowing it so that you are a secret agent of happiness. She got all excited about this and seemed to forget her fear….I look forward to seeing how her day went.

Then as I am about to write this what appears in my email but this email post from Napoleon I would like to share it with you, and my daughter when she gets home….

If you are worried or afraid of anything, there is something in your mental attitude that needs correction.

Worry and fear are negative emotions that serve no useful purpose. Worse, they are not benign influences on your behavior. Both tend to expand if left unchecked until they crowd out positive emotions and beliefs, taking over your mind and filling it with counterproductive emotions that cause you to doubt your ability to succeed at anything you attempt. Unless you control worry and fear, one day you will discover that they control you. While the emotions can’t always be corrected with logic or reason, they are always susceptible to action. Act, and even if your actions aren’t entirely appropriate for the situation, the very act of doing something ? anything — constructive will have a positive effect on your mind and attitude.

creative thinking idea-ELIMINATE

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Oh boy oh boy..I know. Eliminate after I have spent all this money gathering? Just pick an area…just one.  Look at it  and ask youself..Can I simplify this area? What in this area do I most love? Pack up what you don’t for later..say six months.Then if you haven’t missed it give  to someone who may really love it.Pay it forward..but please don’t wrap it up as a gift for someone who gave it to you as a gift already.-It has happened to me.

Now lets say you are doing a piece of art work…Can you stream line it? Minimize it? Condense it?  Is it multifunctional? That is one of my favorites. I love a piece to serve at least two functions. My jewelry for instance has to have a spiritual component, a design component, and a story component.

So as with your House, your piles, and your art try to eliminate the extra details…Something to think about any way.

New Items on Etsy…

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