Read an excerpt form the book

Introduction to Inspiritu: Jewelry for the Mind Body and Soul.

I was doing a research paper on curandos, healing women in West
Texas, and I had stumbled on a curando named Milagros who lived
there in the 30’s.  Milagros it is said
practiced miracle thinking and made jewelry to heal the sick and mentally
ailing.  I was quite interested in her
because I had never before heard of a curando that used Jewelry making in her
healing practice. I researched libraries, universities, and the National Parks
only to find a few tidbits of information about her. Luckily for me the ad I
put in the local newspaper the Big Bend Gazette panned out with a lead as to
where she had once lived.  I called the
lead and learned of a cabin up on Wild horse Mountain and I took a winding path
barely visible any more as for the over growth.
Up the winding path I went until I came to an old adobe house that was
quite dilapidated at this point but I could tell it had been loved so long
ago.  I decided to go in and take a look
through the cobwebs and dust.  It was
here while in the house that I spotted the old prescription book. It was
leather bound, with the names of her patients, illnesses, and the “how to”
information to make her healing jewelry.
What a gold mine of information, recipes for healing teas, lotions
potions, and most of al the recipes for the
healing treasures themselves.. It was while reading this old
prescription book that I came up with the idea to share her recipes with
you.  I can tell by reading the book that
that is exactly what she would want me to do…


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