Inspirations….a world of their own

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Some more interesting imaginative worlds of Anthropologie….


The Grasping Mind

November 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh how that brain is always desiring…desiring this, that and the other thing? Now I wonder are desires ideas, or ideas desires. I know they have a connection in some way. Just think about it for a sec. Every time I would like this or that my little idea bulb goes off and conjures up ideas on how to get it, make it, acquireĀ it…I mean it is almost devilish. It is a fiend taking up good brain space on this little desire that started out like a small bird seed that grows into the size of the Michelin man. Go figure-So are ideas desires? Or are desires Idea? what is the connection…because there has got to be one….What do you think?vintage brain picture

Ideas germinating….

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ideas they seem to drop from the sky…A little twinkle grabs my attention and off I go on this wild gooses chase down the research lane, then on to books, how to’s to learn everything I can. It’s not that I don’t love ideas, I do, but what to do with all of them? I am not sure any one person has enough time to put all these ideas into practice, and how to pick the good from the bad???

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