Bamboo Bike Studio-Now this is ingenious!!

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Check out the finished product as built by members of the BBS community. We offer workshops in San Francisco, Toronto, Greensboro, Alabama and Camden, Maine.



Build a bamboo bike at home, school, or with your local bike shop. Our kits contain the materials necessary to build one bamboo bike frame.



We are a founding member of the Society for Useful Arts, a collective of craftsmen, tinkerers, and engineers dedicated to creating practical tools for the modern world.

The Bamboo Bike Studio provides people with the knowledge and tools to make their own bikes. We believe that the best bike is the bike you build yourself.

Our customers can take part in a bike-making workshop, or buy a bike-making kit. We collaborate with DIYers, partner with schools, and help set up bike-making factories overseas. Our goal is to offer the lowest cost and highest value bicycle, customized to suit our builders’ diverse needs.



Art Saves, Jenny Dohs wonderfully inspriational book

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Jenny Doh has put together a wonderful book called Art Saves in which various artists share some wonderfully healing art instructions. I was blessed to be part of the group.  There are tremendous projects to do and loads of fun, just like being at a giant workshop with tons of artists.

Available at fine bookstores everywhere….


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Art Saves the Book by Jenny DohA great gift for Christmas, the Holidays, or just for yourself!

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prayer vessels

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Art: A Part of Me • by Marie French

I was first influenced by art at a very early age, as my mother is a very creative person and artist in her own right. We grew up in a very creative household. We moved a lot because my father was in the military, so we were creative in our household with everything from meals to Christmas gifts. I have two brothers and two sisters and we are all creative.

Art for me has been a release, a way to work through emotional issues, an answer, and a prayer. For instance, I started painting when I was working as a designer on Madison Avenue in New York. The fashion industry can eat you up and spit you out in a day, so I needed a release to deal with the pressure. It was during this time that I painted in 3-D, so to speak, using found objects in my painting. I love to feel what I am doing so I guess I have always been involved with sculpture. My next pieces were found object collage photographs that I continue to work with in my diaries, which I have kept since well the early ‘80s.

My Prayer Vessels
Another artistic leap happened when my second daughter was born prematurely, and this is when I created prayer vessels. Each coil was formed as a prayer, and laid upon each other to form the figure of the prayer vessel. Each vessel was meditated on for a month, then the symbols painted and fired with a prayer. These became part of an exhibit held in New York galleries and Libraries titled “Prayers for Peace.” These exhibits went up around 9/11, so they were made at a perfect time. I made 108 of the vessels and people would place their prayers in them. I gave many away to cancer patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and those with ALS.

Soon after I wanted a prayerful piece I could carry around so I started making healing jewelry. This jewelry is now forming a book to be published by F&W Media in the spring of 2011, called Inspiritu: Jewelry for the Mind, Body and Soul.

A Driving Force
So as you can see art has been with me and a part of my very existence for my journey through life, and I am sure it will continue to be a driving force. It is as if art is the very blood that pours through my veins. If I couldn’t make it, or create in some way, I am sure I would die. That is how much the art of creation is, so much a part of me.

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