Bamboo Bike Studio-Now this is ingenious!!

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Check out the finished product as built by members of the BBS community. We offer workshops in San Francisco, Toronto, Greensboro, Alabama and Camden, Maine.



Build a bamboo bike at home, school, or with your local bike shop. Our kits contain the materials necessary to build one bamboo bike frame.



We are a founding member of the Society for Useful Arts, a collective of craftsmen, tinkerers, and engineers dedicated to creating practical tools for the modern world.

The Bamboo Bike Studio provides people with the knowledge and tools to make their own bikes. We believe that the best bike is the bike you build yourself.

Our customers can take part in a bike-making workshop, or buy a bike-making kit. We collaborate with DIYers, partner with schools, and help set up bike-making factories overseas. Our goal is to offer the lowest cost and highest value bicycle, customized to suit our builders’ diverse needs.



Inspirations…..Finding inspiration in everything

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Wow…I wanted to share images on new art… but when I looked up new art under google images what I saw shocked me…It looked like death, decaying flesh, scaling skin, odd…..What do you see….I would love your perceptions of what the google images look like to you under a  new art google search.

Combining…A new creative thinking exercise for the weekend…

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Combining is a bit like playing with Mr Potato head-you combine different facial features and add them to a plastic potato. You combine different foods to make a beautiful meal.  But what I want you to try is mixing things up a bit.  Try combining unusual things together and see what you get. Like mixing natural perfumes to get a beautiful smell out of odd combinations.  Who knows the world is your oyster. Tell me what you cam up with..

Paul Smith is coming out with a new book….Paul Smith A to Z

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I just love Paul Smith. His twisted and humorous takes on the classics…So when I heard he was coming out with a second book due out in the states in June I hoped on it. Available on Amazon is where I found it.

A have to see video-Corning Glass

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The video a day in glass….talk aboout a cool future….I mean amazing…Loved this video

A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning.

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it. Learn more about Corning at Search for career opportunities at…
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New Years Dreams

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s that time of year again…We set our goals, we write them down, we post them on our walls…but alas they seem to go to tatters, and are soon forgotten.  Now I have had plenty of goals in my life…plenty of… I wish I could…

It wasn’t until I could see my goals, dreams, and visions that things really started to turn around in my life.  You see….  the subconscious works with images.  So in order to set the track we must visually map our dreams, hopes and wishes. 

So I would like to share with you one of the techniques I use to help me envision my dreams, and also keep me motivated to pursue my dreams even when the ugly ogre of doubt rears its ugly head. 

Welcome, the Dream Book.  It is a standard issue composition book.  The black and white marbled kind.  I use this book as a sketchbook, dream book, and goal book. I list all of the dreams as they come true. It is an active book that is continually getting added to and refined.  It has every goal I wish for big and small for the year. Those goals I wish for the future, lets say 5, 10 and 20 years out go in the back two pages. These I look at every now and then.  It is the book with all of its images that I look at every morning before I make my to do list, and every evening before bed. Then I try to see it in my mind’s eye and envision myself in each situation. 

The Dream Book with collaged front cover.Do you want to play the Dream Book Game? Let me help you set up your Dream Book for the New Year!

How to:

First, get a composition book, found at any drugstore.

Next collage the front cover with inspiring quotes, and ideas that will remind you of your dreams.  You can always add to it as the year goes on. Today you are designing the skeleton of the book.

The first page should be a typewritten list of your goals. This will guide you for  your visuals.

Each page thereafter will be dedicated to one of your goals.

Today you are making the skeleton book, you can always add, paint, draw sketch, and  doodle on the pages later to flesh them out.  Add yourself into the goals.  Whatever it takes to feel them as manifested. Try it is lots of fun.

Continue on with each page until you have visualized each goal and dream.

As you add more goals and dreams add them onto more pages, and retype the front goal page.

a collage I made for the book

As dreams become manifested write in big cap letters DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

I dare you to play the game! Be careful what you wish for it just might come true! Happy New Year!! xo Marie

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