Oh that ugly ugly mr Doubt…

January 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mr. Doubt was stalking me  yesterday. Oh, and he was oh so convincing.  I had a long conversation in my head about worthlessness, oh poor little me, I was knocked down..literally.  Finally, my kind husband reminded me  it was merely a thought gone wild, a dash of emotion  thrown in…but it was still just a thought.  He told me to witness it and then throw out the thought like dirty dishwater.

Well, that helped me a bit.  So I searched for a picture to make it visual for me, and I slapped that thought right out of my head…and you know what I was able to go into the studio and actually create something…So when Mr Doubt rears his ugly head remember it is only a thought, witness the thought as a thought, and slap the hell out of it before he reeks hell on your day….Good bye doubt!


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