A have to see video-Corning Glass

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The video a day in glass….talk aboout a cool future….I mean amazing…Loved this video

A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning.

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it. Learn more about Corning at corning.com. Search for career opportunities at…
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One of the Last Great Places…..Off Grid Living..Tranquility….Peace Of Mind

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One of the last great places…

A retreat to relax into the tranquility, and spaciousness of the desert mountains.

Put your feet up… enjoy a cup of cowboy coffee and look into the wide vistas away from the hub nub and busy-ness of the city.

Don’t you deserve a place away from it all?

This may just be your idea of paradise.


Not only are the sunsets to die for…but the wildlife is in abundance.   Roadrunners take a daily jog to the water holes, Javelina (no…  don’t call them- pigs), are always out and about socializing with each other.   Then there are the coyotes up in the mountains serenading you.  Look out for rare and endangered birds-over 1200 species migrate through here-450 species of hummingbirds alone.

Warblers sing their songs, cactus wrens build their mock nests, and lucky you may find the one they raise their young in.


Want to go fossil hunting? What about walking the trails of the Christmas Mountains. Is hunting your bag- there are many places to hunt…what about river rafting, taking in the Big Bend National Park, and the Big Bend State park.  It is all here…even the famous Chili Cook-off.  Meet interesting people, and have the time of your life enjoying the night skies, and your own personal fireworks when the thunder heads roll in.


This one of kind home made from sustainable construction materials can be yours. It consists of the home, and art studio/guest house, and a carport that could be converted into another guest house. The possibilities are endless for this self sustainable home sitting on 80 acres with 360 unobstructed views in all directions, nested into the red iron oxide volcanic rock hillside. Talk about gorgeous.  The home, art studio and carport are powered by a 9KW solar system. That’ll power up your ac units and all. Enjoy all the modern conveniences without an electric bill.

And then there is the house. It has had every nook and cranny meticulously thought out from abundant closet space, pantry space, a basement, slate floors and custom made blinds, glass block showers, every room has a view…need I say more. Custom woodwork throughout, cross breezes and ceiling fans…and 18,000 gallons of water catchment let alone 2 working wells…now that in itself is a rarity is West Texas.   Working wells, one sweet water, with a filtration system, one totally filtered with a state of the art water filtration system.


Everything has been thought of by the owners of this house.  There is a tankless hot water heater, all appliances are new and are run on propane. There is a 600 gallon propane tank and a caterpillar generator.  You will always be powered up as the generator will kick on if there is not enough solar to take you through the day or night.  There is an aerobic septic system totally redone and running smooth as can be.

Nothing to worry about, no electric bills, no water bills, no water hauling….nothing but enjoyment.

Just maintain your systems of which the owner will provide the information necessary to live stress free, and in tranquility.


The greatest neighbors you ever want to meet. If you want to meet them they are a mile down the road and couldn’t be nicer. We will introduce you when you take ownership of this gem…And if you don’t want to meet the neighbors you have stone gates at the top of your drive you can lock up, with security cameras…So  you  have the best of both worlds.


Just give Pam  and Ken Clouse a call at West Texas Realty 432-837 7486, and/or Ginger Turner a call at Mountain View Properties at 432 837 5518….Both realtors would love to set up an appointment and show you around this last of the great retreats in America.


The  owners are willing to throw in all of the custom made furniture, and new furniture they bought for the place so you can be move in ready….Nothing to do but turn the key and move into a relaxing lifestyle.

And that is not all….The owners can move when you need them too. SO the place is yours when you want it. This sweet deal won’t last long. It is that special. A no worries kind of home…somewhere you can definitely enjoy for all the rest of the years of your life…Call Pam and Ken at 432-837-7486, or Ginger at 432-837-5518.   Hurry …like I said this won’t last long…already we have had a serious buyer through just this week.  CALL TODAY!

A Blessed Rain

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Finally a view of the sky after a blessed rain that quenched our parched land…..

Traveling in the Big Bend-The Rio Grande River

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The Rio Grande a Wild and Scenic River

The Rio Grande, in Mexico known as the Rio Bravo del Norte- the great river, or the rugged river of the North, is described by the National Park Service as” a relentless gravity powered belt sander that has been running for millions of years”, has been designated by congress a” Wild and Scenic River.” The second largest river in the US, the Rio Grande rises near the continental divide in southwestern Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and flows 1900 miles to the gulf of Mexico. The Rio Grande is a symbol of the rugged landscapes of the southwest. It is the inspiration behind many a lore, and folktale of the west. Pecos Bill, a Texas legend has more times than not had adventures along the Rio Grande. Speaking of inspiration, the Rio Grande was one of the settings for the epic film “Giant” starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean.

For 1248 miles, the river winds and curves along the border of the US and Mexico. For much of that distance it follows a southeast course, but along the Chisos Mountains it begins its long bend to the northeast before it turns southeast again. This bend as it is known here is the elbow of the Big Bend signifying the wide open rugged spaces, wildly independent and creative people, and don’t forget our Hot Hot Chili cook off.

Legend has it that there were a group of Native Americans before the Jumanos, and maybe even the Jumanos themselves that lived in the rock cliff caves along the river even before Cabeza de Vaca explored this untamed area. The Rio Grande was also the stomping grounds and home of the Comanche’s, and they traveled beside and through the river. Keep your eyes peeled for the Comanche trails.

There is always an adventure waiting to happen in the Big Bend especially along the river. Make sure you keep your eyes open and your senses in full gear or you just might miss that rare peregrine falcon or red tailed hawk soaring above, or you might miss the catfish roll just beneath your paddle as you pass beneath the cliff swallow nests above you in the canyon.

Much of the volume of the water of the big bend comes from the Rio Conchos which enters the Rio Grande from Mexico. Typically speaking we are blessed with a few releases a year from the Rio Conchos and those typically happen in the fall, and at times in the spring. If you are lucky to catch a release you will be rafting down the Rio Grande. But don’t let the releases stop you from enjoying a river trip. The outfitters here run rain or shine, with lots of water to droplets. When the water is five feet and above you can be sure to raft Santa Elena canyon, if it is 3-5 feet you can raft Colorado canyon, and if it is below 3 feet you will canoe the Santa Elena canyon. So any way you have it you can get on the water. But be sure to call the outfitters early as space books up quickly. The outfitters in the Big Bend are: Far Flung Outdoor Center 1-800-839-7238, 432-371-2346; Desert Sports 1-888-989-6900, or 432-371-2727, and Big Bend River Tours-1-800-545-4240, or 432 371-3033. Look forward to seeing you for an adventure on the wild and scenic Rio Grande River in the Big Bend!

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